Starlight Scripture Memory Ministry

(SSMM or S²M², May the Lord multiply the ministry exponentially)

Starlight church is the Chinese ministry of Ellerslie Road Baptist Church (ERBC), which is also called the church within the church. On September 13, 2020, S²M² was established in the Starlight church. It started with two sisters and now we have over 1000 members. There are about 130 Bible memory small groups with members ranging in age from 5 to 80 years old, with 90% of them being sisters. Our goal is to memorize a specific book of the Bible. When a book is finished, everyone in the group can recite it word for word. S²M² was a vision from the Holy Spirit given to sister Shekina in September 2020. Shekina began with one gospel seeker she was mentoring. The Lord keeps adding new members to the group. It is so exciting to witness God’s children’s lives transformed and built up by God’s words as they meditate on them day and night! May more children of God love His words and continue to memorize the scriptures until the day they meet the Lord! Amen!

If you have any question, feel free to write to us at

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